Natura Vita
Dietary Supplements

Natural dietary supplements for the daily needs of the body.

Natura Vita
Dietary Supplements

Categories of high nutritional value formulations

compounds of life

Vitamins are essential for the proper function of the human body and the biochemical process.

the elixir of well-being

Multi-Vitamins tend to supplement dietary deficiencies, promoting the normal function of the human body.

the power of the human body

Minerals contribute to maintaining healthy bones and regulating the number of liquids in the body. They also take part in several metabolic processes.

nails_NEWMulti-Nutrient Formulae
special high-concentrated compounds

Formulae provide a complex of herbs and nutritional elements, produced to offer solutions to common health problems.

Natura Vita
Dietary Supplements

Natura Vita Dietary Supplements are manufactured under the strictest control mechanisms to ensure the products’ quality and consumers’ safety. The products’ ingredients are selected based on their high bioavailability and absorption to be effective for the human body.

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JMN Pharmaceutical is a greek trading company, involved in marketing and distribution of pharmaceutical and nutritional supplement products hence in the health industry and lifestyle products. JMN Pharmaceutical was founded in 2008 in Ioannina. The rapid growth of the company resulted in its expansion into the industrial area of Ioannina, where privately owned warehouses of 1,200 square meters were located until the end of 2016, where they were moved to the area of Aspropyrgos Attica until the present day. The accountant base, as well as the order department of the company, remains in the center of the city of Ioannina. In 2008 the sales and marketing department was added in Athens, which is responsible for promoting products at both retail and wholesale. In 2008, the R&D department was established, aiming at the development of innovative formulae. Today JMN Pharmaceutical is active in both Greece and abroad.

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Dietary Supplements

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Source: EUFIC (European Food Information Council)

Dietary Supplements
Natura Vita

Natura Vita Dietary Supplements have a wide range of natural ingredients that meet every dietary need of the human body.

The natural solution for the body protection.

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Natura Vita

Natura Vita Dietary Supplements are available in a wide range of doses and different combinations.

GMP Facilities

Natura Vita Dietary Supplements are manufactured in plants that have an EU GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) Certification.

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Natura Vita

Natura Vita Dietary Supplements are available in a wide range of doses and different combinations.


Natural dietary supplements for health,
well-being and beauty!

Natura Vita Supplements are
available at selected Super Market stores.

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