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JMN Pharmaceutical is a greek trading company, involved in marketing and distribution of pharmaceutical and nutritional supplement products hence in the health industry and lifestyle products. JMN Pharmaceutical was founded in 2008 in Ioannina. The rapid growth of the company resulted in its expansion into the industrial area of Ioannina, where privately owned warehouses of 1,200 square meters were located until the end of 2016, where they were moved at the area of Aspropyrgos Atiica until the present day. The accountant base as well as the order department of the company remains in the center of the city of Ioannina. In 2008 the sales and marketing department was added in Athens, which is responsible for promoting products at both retail and wholesale. In 2008, the R & D department was established, aiming at the development of innovative formulae. Today JMN Pharmaceutical is active in both Greece and the abroad.


The scope of JMN Pharmaceutical activities in Greece, involves the import, export, distribution and trade of pharmaceuticals, organic products and nutritional supplements. The company is the sole owner of the claims with regards the trade and distribution of NOW® products in Greece, Cyprus and Croatia. According to SPINSΤΜ , an independent body, NOW Foods is the biggest supplement manufacturer globally, in terms of sales. Alongside the effective demonstration of providing prime quality natural products, such as dietary supplements, natural nutriments, supplements for athletes, herb extracts, essential oils, natural sweeteners, cosmetics, etc., this american corporation is strictly committed to issues that deal with social and environmental liability.

JMN Pharmaceutical, apart from delegating important manufacturers of the abroad, has also manufactured products under its own brand name, developed exclusively by the R & D department of the company. Natura Vita series is available on domestic and foreign market.

Some of which are:

  • ΝΑΤURA VITA Dietary Supplements
  • NATURA VITA Nuts & Snacks

Services – Facilities

To the present, JMN Pharmaceutical remains committed to all the values set from the first moment of its foundation. The services provided include ensuring optimal product quality, and effectiveness to those who need them. Overhauling and scientifically validated expiration dates are an integral part of the company’s activity which allows quality assurance from the first day of product storage. The facilities where the merchandise is housed exceed the guidelines for food packaging. The storage areas have units which control temperature and humidity, which operate more at night, to avoid changes that affect the quality of products. The high service quality of the main facilities is certified by Quality Assurance Standard ISO 9001 and the reassessment is annual, according to the new standard ISO 9001.


The purpose and aim of JMN Pharmaceutical is leadership and cooperation with new partners of high scientific standing, and continuous replenishment with modern innovative products that lead to a longer life of high quality. In a global economic environment, characterized by the changing attitudes of customers, who will now attach great importance to the quality and reliability of its products, the rapid increase in competition, ease of movement of goods between countries, there is a growing need for competitive products and services of assured quality. Despite the current difficult situation Greece is facing, JMN Pharmaceutical is continuing to produce an even larger number of formulations, with the same commitment and consistency towards its consumers and partners.


One of the basic principles of JMN Pharmaceutical is consistency towards its customers, partners and its scientific staff characterized by sincerity, honesty and integrity.

Therefore the company commits and provides a promise to:

  • continuous scientific and technological progress
  • maintaining high quality standards
  • excellent personal relationships, both with customers and with partners
  • excellent working environment for its staff

Corporate Social Responsibility

JMN Pharmaceutical is characterized by remarkable long-term corporate social responsibility. Financial transparency, alignment with national and international standards and initiatives of the sales department based on a strict code of conduct constitute a guaranteed compliance with the rules of good practice, but also transcend the predefined standards of laws, both local and on an international level.